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Expressions in the discernible.
I wish I could illegally download clothes.
I do not claim ownership of most posted images. Self-owned photos are tagged with "Me".

Nice work on this outfit
Tweed.  nuff said.
Sharp jacket
The point of suspenders is the fact that the pants don’t have belt loops.
Great summer look.  WTF’s with that tie though?

Just in case you were wondering.

Good to know guide; Can I wear my jacket as a blazer?
I’m all about this tone of blue.  Pants, blazer, shirt, whatever.  Would love to have that blazer.
Very British.  Some can pull it off.

Alden for Epaulet Alt Wien in Color #8 Shell Cordovan

sweet chestnut kicks
Just something about a white suit that says “boss”.

Rugby Ralph Lauren Bowie

Ralph Lauren #bowtie FTMFW

Givenchy Slim-Fit Plaid Cotton Shirt

Classic Burberry Trench

Awesome coat
J.Crew MacAlister suede Oxford
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