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A simple #cotesdurhone night.  Mostly #grenache with #syrah #mouvedre #wine #eonophile #wine-o
A @lapalinacigar #birthday gift from myself and a @shafervineyards ‘00 Firebreak dug out of the cellar.  You only turn #theBigFourO once. #wine #NapaValley #cigars #botl #cigar #Napa #Sangiovese  (at Birthday Fun House)

Locations | 2011 F(rance)-1
We’re continuously surprised by Dave Phinney’s wine making here at Corkhoarder. Have been fans of his Orin Swift label for years. As he parted with some of Orin Swift, he brought in his Locations project. Currently offering a red blend from France, Spain, and Italy. We opened our France (F-1) bottle recently and it’s quite a bit different than his D44 bottle under the Orin Swift label. Softer tannins, bigger fruit, and chewy. The Spain and Italy shouldn’t disappoint if this is the standard.

Had this last month.  Great price and great palate!  It is,  however, VERY American.  Big Body, Big Alcohol.  Which is fine, it that’s what you’re in the mood for.  I would easily buy it again b/c D.Phinney has always done a great job a la Mercury Head and The Prisoner.

In Seattle?  Try TASTE restaurant adjoining the SAM (Seattle Art Museum).  Great locally sourced ingredients with an exceptionally composed wine list.  Kris Rezac really really made our dining experience exceptional with his wine recommendations. 

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Praxis - A great Monterrey county Pinot Noir for a great price.label

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One of the best I’ve ever had
Domaine de la Romanée-Conti
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